Posted by Mary Jones on Dec 15, 2017
Dick Campbell greeted members and guests and gave an inspiring reflection entitled, "Who Packed  your Parachute."
Dick Campbell (right) greets Bill Holicky
Deb Wirtz welcomed the day's guests:  Nicole Petersen (Southwest Rotary); Craig Burnett (Assistant District Governor); Shirley Malski (guest of Tom McDermott); and the 8th grade manufacturing tours essay contest winners.
Deb also shared that Monday was a National Humane Society Food Drive for needy animals, National Green Day, and National App Day.
Tom McDermott introduced  Shirley Malski  who joined the UW-O staff.
Christy Marquardt reported that the raffle kitty stands at $65; the drawing will be held next week as there will be no meetings on Christmas or New Year's Day.
RYE student Michel reported that he visited Chicago with the other District Rotary Exchange students.