Posted by David Hayford on Jul 20, 2018
President Christy Marquardt announced that she has chosen the fight against human trafficking as the beneficiary of our Happy $$. She has not selected the organization, though. She is seeking the one that will benefit Oshkosh the most.

Gary Yakes offered happy $$$ in honor of the rare opportunity to see 2 members. First is Joe Ferlo. Second is Ken Arneson. Gary mentioned that ken "had to move the meeting site to make a meeting." Note: don't think I've mentioned yet that today's meeting is at Evergreen.
Gary Yakes
David Hayford related that Cathy Zimmerman offered a post-op assessment of my condition. "You look good, David. Not handsome. But good."
Gail Schwab mentioned that her grandson had a tour of Evergreen and was duly impressed. He wants to own a nursing home when he grows up. He will name it "Forever Young."
Lori Renning is enjoying a "fabulous summer" with her kids.
Molly Butz informed us that her column coming up in the Northwestern is about "a new way of aging." It features Evergreen, among others.
Michael Cooney is happy about the success ot the Farmers' Market this summer. He mentioned the Wednesday Market at South Park starts next week.
Jolene Heuchert reminded us that the July Food Truck Friday is this Friday, the 20th. Lots of food and music.
Alyson Zierdt is happy to be back to renew acquaintances. She also congratulated Evergreen on the successful completion of its construction project,