Posted by Mary Jones on Dec 04, 2017
Tom Willadsen -- is happy because his alma mater, Northwestern University, has been invited to play in the Music City Bowl in Nashville, TN.  He was also grateful for a successful Interfaith Festival of Thanksgiving.  And, he invited Club members to come to First Presbyterian Church at 7:15 p.m. on Friday, December 8 to hear the Oshkosh Encore Hand Bell Choir perform.  His wife plays with the group.
Michael Cooney -- was happy because 600+ people attended the Winter Farmer's Market at the Convention Center last Saturday. He reminded members that the Market will be held at the Convention Center the next two Saturdays, with the Best Western hosting a "Market Brunch" on Saturday, Dec. 16.  
Michael Audit -- was sad about the Badgers loss to Ohio State, but happy about the Packer and UW-O Titans victories.
Sue Panek -- related that she greatly enjoyed the Carol Burnett 50th anniversary special that was on TV last Sunday night.
Kathy Propp -- offered $5 in honor of the employees of the Lakeshore Golf Club; Monday was their last day of employment. She said she is happy that Oshkosh Corp. is keeping its headquarters in Oshkosh, but also encouraged members to lobby the City Manager and City Council to create a Lakeshore Community Park in the land remaining after the Oshkosh Corp. HQ is built.