Posted by Mary Jones on May 17, 2018
David Hayford -- was happy because Monday was the 6th month anniversary of his heart surgery ... and everyone says he looks better than every.
Karen Schibline -- was happy to report that she visited honorary member Bob Bruce recently. Bob is living with his son and doing well. His wife is now in a nursing home. Jeff Gilderson-Duwe reminded everyone that Bob is playing the piano on our Rotary song recording.
Ralph Gunderson -- was happy to welcome their first granddaughter -- Marguerite Mary, born on Sunday night.
Bethany Lerch -- was happy because our Rotary Club continues to sponsor Global Scholars, like herself and Zahra.
Tom Harenburg -- was happy to report that he and his wife Penny saw 6 mountain lions recently at their home in Montana -- a mother and three kittens, and another younger mother (likely the daughter of the other mother)  and a kitten. They watched as two of the lions stalked a deer, but the deer escaped after Penny scared the lions off.
Gary Yakes -- was happy to be back from Florida and attending meetings again.