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Melissa Kohn greeted members and guests, offered a reflection, and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Melissa greets a mystery guest (who feels her picture shouldn't be in Spokes 2 weeks in a row).
Sergeant-at-Arms Deb Wirtz welcomed the day's guests -- and I forgot to get the sheet listing the guests, but memory serves me that we were joined by Bob Stauffer (Southwest Rotary) and Andrea Ernard (guest of Jolene Heuchert).
Deb also shared that Monday was American Red Cross Founder's Day, National Memo Day, National Strawberries and Cream Day, National Waiter and Waitresses Day, National Hummel Figure Day, honoring the nun who created those figurines.
Christy Marquardt conducted the raffle and Mark Beecher was the lucky winner of $55. 
Christy with Andrea pulling the winning ticket.
RYE student Michel reported that he ran the Green Bay 1/2 Marathon and finished it in 1 hour and 59 minutes.  He recommends training in advance; he started training but didn't continue. Photos courtesy of John Jorgenson, who cheered Michel on.
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Posted by Mary Jones on May 24, 2018
John Jorgenson -- was happy 3x ($3)...1 for having the opportunity to serve as a host family to Michel, who is moving to his third host family this week. John said it was a great experience for his family to get to know Michel.
2. For the time that John Vette spent with Michel.  Michel had an "entrepreneur's class" and his assignment was to meet and talk with an entrepreneur. John J. thanked John V. for spending a couple of hours with Michel, talking about his business experience and giving him a tour of John's plant.
3. For the fun of cheering Michel on in his participation in the Green Bay Half Marathon.
John Fuller  -- noted that Dan Mracek had completed his Leadership Oshkosh training and had graduated. John hopes that Dan will join our Club at future meetings.
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Posted by Mary Jones on May 24, 2018
Monday's Program was presented by fellow Club member Ralph Gunderon, who offered a review of all the activities our Club (and Southwest Rotary) has been involved with in Peru.  Ralph shared a PowerPoint with several photos from Peru, however the file was too large to attach to this newsletter. I've captured a few photos to share here.
Ralph noted that our Club's involvement with the Rotary Club La Molina Viejo of Lima, Peru began in about 1998. About that time, Michael Cooney was interested in organizing a sister club for our Rotary Club, with the idea of connecting with a club in Russia. That did not prove to be possible.  
Previous Club President John Kerrigan (1996-1997) had attended an International Rotary Conference and met a District Governor from Peru, Carlos Silva. Carlos was interested in having a sister club for his Rotary Club, La Molina Viejo. Michael Cooney went to Peru and met with Carlos Rioja, who had been a member of the Oshkosh Rotary Club while serving as an International Sales person for the Oshkosh Corp.
Ralph noted that the getting the clubs together was kind of like starting a relationship..."We courted each other."  The photo below shows one of those social events where members were getting to know one another. Ralph noted that there were arguments and disagreements, but the talks continued.
After many discussions, it was agreed that the two clubs (along with Southwest Rotary) would work together.
On visits to Lima, Oshkosh Rotarians noted that many people needed help with everyday concerns. Bill Thimke led the efforts to establish a "soy cow" that would provide soy milk and a bread byproduct. Over the years, three soy cows have been established in La Molina, Raucana, and Ate.  Raucana has since "fallen apart."  The La Molina and Ate soy cows continue to operate, and our Oshkosh Clubs purchase the soy beans and sugar needed for the milk and maintain the machines, while the cities of Lima/La Molina and Ate provide the building, staff, and take care of distributing the milk/bread product. The soy cows provide milk and bread to thousands of youngsters and senior citizens.
The La Molina Soy Cow
This is the building where the soy cow (vaca mechanica) is now housed.
Our Clubs, in conjunction with La Molina Viejo, have been instrumental in setting up:
1. Dental clinics, with more than 4,000 people treated in 4 years.
The Oshkosh Clubs provided $1,000 in supplies to make fillings.
2.  A public library with more than 1,000 books donated and two copy machines and computers.
3. An orphanage, La Sagrada Familia.  Here is a YouTube link to what is happening at the orphanage these days:
The orphanage started out with 180 children from 3 months to age 16. Now, it houses nearly 600 kids, provides a school and vocational training to the students. It also provides dental and medical care. 
The orphanage for the opening of a new dormitory.
4. Nadine Siebers organized a clothing drive to send clothing to the orphans, which was greatly appreciated.
The kids enjoyed helping each other pick out clothes.
The kids trying on "new" clothes.
5. A mobile medical clinic that moves from neighborhood to neighborhood around every two weeks to provide care.
The mobile medical clinic (5 trailers in all)  provides care to all, including pregnant mothers and babies.
This is a picture of how people in the La Molina area live.
The people live in cardboard boxes, like refrigerator boxes, plywood shacks, etc. It's a arid area with little rain so boxes and plywood will protect them for months/years.
Ralph says this is why we work in Peru ... to help the children.  A typical neighborhood in the background.
Ralph noted that a trip is being planned to visit La Molina Viejo Rotary Club in late October/November, for anyone who is interested.
Ralph and Michael estimate that as many 1,000 people from Oshkosh have visited the Lima area as a result of the Oshkosh Rotary Clubs involvement there, including many Rotarians, UW-O students, and travelers who have participated in tours sponsored by the Kitz & Pfiel group.
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Posted by Mary Jones on May 24, 2018
Philippine Project -- David Sennholz gave the Club an update on the Philippine tailoring school project.  The first dressmaking class graduated in March and everyone was pleased with the success of the class. The group made uniforms for students for a festival as part of their class. The classes are now being opened up to mothers and other high school graduates looking to learn a trade.  The school, which had been a K-10th grade school, is now a K-12th grade school, with the last two years providing vocational training to  young women and men. David noted that the Iligan City Rotary Club (which is all women) continues to support the day-to-day needs of the school. David is hoping to lead a group of Rotarians to visit the school in February or March of 2019. Let David know if you are interested.
David Sennholz
Volunteer Opportunity -- Nikole reminded members that South Park Middle School is in need of three volunteers on Friday, June 8, to serve refreshments at the school's 8th grade awards program. Contact Nikole if you can assist.
Collecting Old Magazines -- Nikole also reminded members that our Club is collecting old magazines for South Park Middle School. The magazines will be used in art classes for various projects. Please bring any old magazines to future meetings.
Rotary T-Shirts -- Nikole sent around a sign-up sheet for Rotarian at Work volunteer t-shirts. She was planning to place the order this week.
Waterfest -- Karen Schibline reminded members that our Waterfest Volunteer Night is Thursday, June 21. Contact Lori Renning if you can volunteer but haven't signed up as yet.
Shared Harvest -- Michael Audit still needs some volunteers for Shared Harvest on June 9. Our Club will have Shared Harvest every other Saturday until the end of October.  Contact Mike to sign up for a date.
Thank Yous fromScholarship winners -- Bill Bracken shared the following letters from recipients of our Club's Fox Valley Technical College Scholarships:
From Wanda Kunde (19), studying to be a medical coding specialist:  Thank you so much for selecting me as a 2018 recipient of the Oshkosh Rotary Club Scholarship. I am so honored and blessed to be chosen.  I greatly appreciate the support that you give not only to myself but to other students who are fulfilling their education dreams. This scholarship will aid me in receiving my college education at FVTC. I work very hard for what I have and this extra money means the world to me. Thank you! I plan to find a career in the Fox Cities area that is close to home so that can continue to stay close with family and have a family of my own in the future.
Dante Dishaw (22) studying for an Associates Degree in IT (Information Technology) Security:  Thank you so much for offering this scholarship. A year ago I just finished my undergraduate degree with a bunch of loans already and I found out that I needed to pursue a different career. Knowing that there are people who care and can make the journey less burdensome is a real blessing. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. This scholarship will enable me to cover expenses that I can't fully cover with FAFSA. I am financially alone and understand I need to work harder to make the most out of my education at FVTC. I want to go to Ireland with people from the IT program, and this gives me the chance I need to make that happen. I hope to travel and work for a company that emphasizes diversity. Using my IT skills, I will be more flexible where I can work and the opportunities are far more than what I can imagine. I am excited to make a difference, even if it might not be big. If I can make a positive impact on one person, I know going back to school was worth every penny and the right decision.
Michael Zmyslo (22) working on a technical diploma in Wood Manufacturing Technology:  I am a full-time student that works every extra minute I get in order to pay rent and get to and from school. I can't stress how grateful I am to be receiving my first ever scholarship. It means the world to me that people want to see me succeed and are willing to aid in that success. Without this, my life outside of school would be incredibly stressful. This scholarship will aid in my rent, gas, food, and other miscellaneous bills. It will also help with paying my material bills for school. I plan to move to California and become a professional woodworker with an incredible company. I hope to bring new ideas to a school that has never had a FVTC graduate.
Sherita Eisner (38) studying for an Associates Degree in Nursing: Thank you for choosing me to receive this scholarship! As a mother of 6 little ones,  your help is very much appreciated. Receiving this scholarship helps ensure that I will be able to continue to work hard to achieve my goal. Words cannot truly express how grateful I am to be receiving such an incredible gift. My family and I will be forever grateful. Two, possibly three, of our children will always live with my husband and I [because of autism], so it is extremely important that I finish school to help provide for them in later years, and your generosity is a tremendous help in that regard as well.  Receiving this scholarship will enable me to get books and class materials on time. This semester was particularly rough in that area, so it is a tremendous relief to know that the funding will be there to purchase the needed class materials for next semester!  A aort will also go to pay for tuition since my Pell grant doesn't cover it all.  I plan to continue my education once I am done at FVTC. I really want to work in Labor and Delivery since I love babies and my hope is to get a job in that department while finish up my Bachelor's Degree.
Bill Bracken
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Eric Lechocky will greet members and guests, give a reflection and lead the Pledge of Allegiance
Michel Fahrland, our German Exchange Student, will tell us about his Life in Oshkosh.
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