Contact: Ada Thimke
Oshkosh, WI
United States of America

NOTICE: With COVID-19 still on the rise in Winnebago County and throughout Wisconsin and hospitals are at full capacity, the in-person format of this meeting has been cancelled.  You may register for the online format using the link below.

Sue Ertmer is Winnebago County Clerk and as such, one of her duties involves Election management for the county.  Given that this year's election is characterized by many as one of the most important in our lifetime, there are also those who are anticipating many problems from mail in ballot counting.  The challenges will be to assure those who vote absentee by mail or at city and town halls that their ballot will be counted, but also to provide a safe in-person voting experience during CoVid-19.  And with other concerns centered around potential results challenges, foreign influence and more, it seems timely to hear from our County Clerk about their preparations and readiness for this year's Presidential election in November.  Please join us.

This will be an online only meeting.  Please go to and register.