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Sep 04, 2017
Sep 11, 2017
District Governor's Visit . . . Greeter: Jim Austad
Sep 18, 2017
Fox Cities Victim Crisis Response Team. . . . Greeter: Deb Wirtz
Sep 25, 2017
Lerning in Retirement . . . Greeter: Gary Yakes
Oct 02, 2017
Project Search . . . . Greeter: Catherine Zimmerman
Oct 09, 2017
TBD . . . . . . Greeter: William Zorr
Oct 16, 2017
Oct 23, 2017
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Oct 30, 2017
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Meeting Information for Monday, September 11, 2017
Note:  There will be no meeting on Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2017.  Our next meeting will be on September 11.
Jim Austad will greet members and guests, give the reflection and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
District Governor Jeff Reed will present his report.
Prayer and Pledge for August 28, 2017
John Vette greeted members and guests and led the Club in a prayer for the residents of Houston and led the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Christy Marquardt reported that the raffle kitty stood at $170. The monthly drawing was held and Ada Thimke was the lucky winner of $85.00.
Sergeant-at-Arms Debra Wirtz introduced the day's guests:  Jeanne Smith (e-Club of NE Wisconsin); Bob Stauffer and Kim Johnson Thiel (Southwest Rotary); Jack Talin (guest of Lurton Blassingame); Tony Blando (speaker); Eaman McKenna (guest of Darryl Sims); and Karen Schneider (guest of Sue Panek).
Mr. McKenna, the UW-Oshkosh men's and women's cross country coach, talked about the upcoming season and noted that UW-O will host a cross-country championship in 2018.
Sue Panek introduced Karen Schneider as one of the co-captains of the United Way Development campaign.
Deb Wirtz noted that Monday was National Cherry Turnover Day as well as Bow Tie Day.
News You Need to Know; This Week's Announcements
UW-O Athletic Schedules -- Darryl Sims announced that copies of the UW-O Athletic Schedules were on every table, as well as registration brochures for joining the UW-Titan Support Group.
Rib Fest -- The 2nd annual Oshkosh Rotary Clubs Rib Fest is this weekend, beginning Friday evening and going through Monday afternoon.  Be sure to check on your volunteer commitments.  Karen Schibline suggested arriving early to find close-in parking, and that there will be volunteer parking on Parkway Avenue, which extends into Menominee Park.  Upon arrival, check in to the Volunteer Tent to get your assignment(s) for the day.  Lori Renning reported there are now 12 local teams planning to compete. The Rib Run will be held on Sunday morning, with registration including admission to Rib Fest for the day. Advance ticket sales are $5, and same day re-entry will be allowed.
Lori also noted there is a VIP area, available at a cost of $75 and includes a separate bathroom, a shade tent, tables, chairs, 2 alcoholic drinks and 2 non-alcoholic beverages, as well as 2 rib dinners.
United Way Kick Off -- Sue Panek reminded members that the annual United Way Campaign Kick-Off event will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 6 at the UW-O Alumni Conference Center, from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m.  Attending the event counts as a make-up meeting.
Empty Bowls Soup Dinner -- This semi-annual soup supper will raise funds for the local food pantries. It will be held on November 5, at Becket's.
Oshkosh North Cross Country Team Discount Cards -- Tom Willadsen announced that he would be selling Discount Cards at the close of the meeting at a cost of $20.
District Governor -- President John Fuller reminded members that District Governor Jeff Reed will speak at our next meeting on Monday, September 11, 2017.
Philippine Fund -- Dave Sennholz reported that the transfer of funds from our Oshkosh Club to the Iligan City Rotary Club to provide meals and uniforms for school children victimized by the current ISIS fighting in the Philippines.
Happy $$ for August 28, 2017
David Hayford -- reported that his grandson Cullen caught 12 fish and his first walleye, which the family enjoyed at their Sunday dinner.
Dick Campbell -- offered $63 Happy Dollars in honor he and his wife Marilyn's 63rd wedding anniversary. They were married on August 29, 1954 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Ada Thimke -- offered $20 for being the winner of this month's raffle.  She was also happy for the local rib cooker teams adding to the fun of Rib Fest.
Sue Panek -- noted that she attended the annual Convocation for the Oshkosh School District employees on Monday morning, which was the last one to be hosted by Club member and retiring OASD Superintendent Stan Mack. She shared that Stan received a standing ovation in honor of his work in the District.
Program for August 28, 2017
David Hayford introduced Tony Blando, chief of staff for Senator Ron Johnson.  Previously, Tony was a U.S. Army officer for 21 years, retiring as a Lt. Col., professor of military science at local colleges and universities handling the ROTC programs, and president of the Oshkosh Catholic School System.
Tony and David
Tony noted that he and Ron like to visit Rotary Clubs as they know Rotarians represent/offer a broad difference of thought regarding national issues.
He said that Washington DC is "as dysfunctional as you see," but more collegial than you might think, noting that he and Sen. Tammy Baldwin's chief of staff meet often at various Senate activities. 
He said his varied career activities are united around each group having core values that govern the activities of the job.  He noted that helped Senator Johnson's team develop a core value statement ... represented by the word "TRIPLE," which stands for the following:
T - Teamwork
R - Respect
I - Integrity
P - Professionalism
E - Education
President John asked John Menn to lead the Club in the Four-Way Test to close the meeting.
Wellness in a Heartbead

Fellow Club member John Fuller has offered to share some health news/information with us from time to time. This week he shares:

Rotary Wellness in a Heartbeat: Loneliness May Lead to Sleepless Nights
A recent study suggests that feeling alone may make one feel less safe, unable to rest. Loneliness may rob you of your sleep, British researchers report.
In the study, more than 2,200 18- and 19-year-olds in England and Wales provided information about their loneliness levels and sleeping patterns. Between 25 percent and 30 percent of the participants said they felt lonely sometimes, and another 5 percent said they frequently felt lonely.
Lonelier people were 24 percent more likely to feel tired and have difficulty concentrating during the day, according to the King's College London researchers. "Diminished sleep quality is one of the many ways in which loneliness gets under the skin, and our findings underscore the importance of early therapeutic approaches to target the negative thoughts and perceptions that can make loneliness a vicious cycle," said study author Louise Arseneault.
"Many of the young people in our study are currently at university, living away from home for the first time, which can compound feelings of loneliness. It is therefore important that they receive appropriate support to address these feelings before they turn into severe mental health problems," she said in a college news release. Arseneault is with the school's Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience.
The link between loneliness and sleep quality remained even after the researchers accounted for depression and anxiety, which are commonly associated with sleep problems and feeling lonely. But the study did not prove that loneliness causes lost sleep.
It's been suggested that restless sleep in lonely people can be due to feeling less safe, so the study authors examined the impact of past exposure to violence, including crime, sexual abuse, child abuse and violent abuse. The connection between loneliness and poor sleep quality was almost 70 percent stronger among those who'd experienced the most severe forms of violence.
Study co-author Timothy Matthews is also a researcher at the institute. "Past exposure to violence exacerbated the association between loneliness and poor sleep, which is consistent with the suggestion that sleep problems in lonely individuals are related to feeling unsafe," he said in the news release.
"This makes sense as sleep is a state in which it is impossible to be vigilant for one's safety, so feeling isolated from others could make it more difficult to sleep restfully, and even more so for individuals who have been exposed to violence in the past," Matthews explained.
"It is therefore important to recognize that loneliness may interact with preexisting vulnerabilities in some people, and that these individuals should receive tailored support," he said.
The study was published recently in the journal Psychological Medicine.