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Oct 02, 2017
Project Search . . . . Greeter: Catherine Zimmerman
Oct 09, 2017
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Oct 16, 2017
Oct 23, 2017
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Oct 30, 2017
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Meeting Information for Monday, September 25, 2017
I believe Cathy Zimmerman is scheduled to will greet members and guests, give a reflection, and lead the Pledge of Allegiance. But not sure if she is ready to return after knee surgery. So you will be greeted by someone. If Cathy cannot make it, Tom Willadsen will lead the prayer and pledge
Program is titled "Project Search," presented by Linda Jones Pierron and Kayla Coutney 
Prayer & Pledge for September 25
Gary Yakes greeted member with a smile and warm handshake.

Gary Yakes
Gary provided the reflection, predicting we are on the cusp of a new Renaissance, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States (no one sat or knelt).
Deb Wirtz introduced guests. Southwest Rotary include Jessica Benesh, Nicole, Peterson, Kim Johnson, John Hobbins, and Dr. James Chitwood. Darryl Sims Presented Football Coach Pat Cerroni and Woman's Soccer Coach Erin Coppernoll. Tom Blaze introduced new employee Patti Wiesslilng (not sure her title). Shaheda Govani introduced colleague Eric Chilas.
Coach Cerroni

Coach Coppernoll
Deb pointed that today is National Workplace Napping Day, Pineapple Day, and Be Late for Something Day (perhaps related to workplace napping).
Exchange student Michal (spelling?) reported he enjoyed a scavenger hunt.
Leadership Oshkosh adjunct Board Member Dan Mrochek reported he works for the Oshkosh Fire Department.
Announcements & Happy Dollars for September 25
Today is day for 50/50 Raffle drawing. Jack Klein filled in for Christy Marquardt. And, shockingly, the winner was not John Fuller nor Ada Thimke. It was JACK KLEIN!!!
And the winner is . . .
Karen Schibline that the Annual Chili Cook-off to benefit Day by Day Warming Shelter is coming up on October 14th. Volunteers will be needed. Come and cheer on YOUR Oshkosh Rotary team of David Hayford, John Fuller, Jack Klein, and Kathy Zimmerman.
Bill Bracken Announced that FVTC will have a Donor Appreciation Day on November 2. See Bill for Details.
Mike Audit announced he needs volunteers for Shared Harvest on October 7 and 21.
Nicole Peterson announced that Culver's is having a benefit for Day by Day September 26.
Lori Renning announced the next Blood Drive at Algoma Boulevard United Methodist Church will be October 2.
Lori also announced results from Wisconsin's Best Ribfest. Despite cool weather and the Badger game Friday night, and the deluge on Saturday afternoon, the event showed a $6,000 PROFIT!! Planning for Year 3 starts soon.
John Schatz announced there is a new app for Rotary.
Bill Bracken announced the birth of his first grandchild, Emmett.
Stan Mack reported that 500 volunteers worked on the School District's Curb Appeal Day, on an extremely hot day. Every school was involved.
Stan Mack
Gail Schwab reported that she was recently honored as the fist female in Kiwanis in Oshkosh. She became a member on August 12, 1988. She read the newsletter announcing her membership, one with a few reservations. She was not eagerly accepted by all members.
Karlene Grabner suggested contacting the City Council regarding Oshkosh Corp and Lakeshore.
Jim Chitwood anticipates a Titan football victory over UW Whitewater.
Jolene Heuchert was happy about the successful Fox Cities Marathon, despite the beastly heat.
Sue Panek  reported that KC provided a half loaded semi-truck for diapers to the Dollars for Diapers Drive.
Nikole Vergin was proud she survived the hottest game in Packer history.
Tom Blaze was happy for a great first day for Patti Wiesling.
Jack Klein was a happy drawing winner
Program for September 25
Bill Bracken introduced speaker John Scheelk to inform us about Learning in Retirement,
LIR offers lectures and day trips to its members.
There are 66 lectures offered this semester. Many are presented by UWO professors. The variety is amazing. Just a few examples include: Bees and beekeeping, Nano particle and Clean Energy, Technology Updates 2017, Funny Men (and Women), and From Fireside Chats to Fiery Tweets: Presidential Communication Styles.
Membership is for youngsters 55 and above, though they are considering relaxing that. Cost for the lectures is just $100 per year.
Many of the lectures are at UWO, where a parking pass can be obtained for just $20. Others are at Evergreen.
There are also ten day trips this semester. Fees for those are extra.
John also admitted they are not strict about attendance. If a member brings along a non-member spouse, that spouse wil be welcome.
We learned that Bill Bracken has been a member for about 3 years, and is Vice President. President John has been a member for 2 years.
More information is available on the UWO web page, click "query" and "LIR."
Wellness in a Heartbeat

Fellow Club member John Fuller has offered to share some health news/information with us from time to time. This week he shares:

I'll give John a rest this week, and provide the article myself.
Every time I see my Cardiologist, which is more frequent of late, he emphasized the importance of reducing salt in my diet.
Coincidentally, a recent Rotarian had a small blurb on that issue. It stated that the recommended dally intake of salt is 1500 mg. Typical Americans consume 3,400. That intake level increases the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure). which can lead to heart issues.
A recent report from the US Center do Disease Control states that nearly half that intake comes from just 10 foods: Bread, pizza, sandwiches, cold cuts/cured meats, soup, burritos and tacos, savory snacks, chicken, cheese, and eggs/omelets. Pretty hard to have an American diet that excludes those.
Sadly, the list does not include items like kale or cauliflower which are much easier to avoid.
Not mentioned in the article: my Cardiologist says that typical restaurant meals contain excessive amounts of salt.
Food for thought - unsalted.