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David Hayford
Mar 26, 2018
William Waters Plaza & Neighborhood Objectives . . . Greeter: David Hayford
Apr 02, 2018
HPV Vaccinations . . . . Greeter: Jolene Heuchert
Apr 09, 2018
Behind the Scenes at Menominee Nation Arena.......Greeter: Gordon Hintz
Apr 16, 2018
Apr 23, 2018
Bridging Connections - Family Advocacy & Consultation
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Meeting Information for Monday, March 26
David Hayford will greet members and guests, give a reflection and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Steven Wiley will present a program on William Waters Plaza and Neighborhood Objectives.
Prayer an Pledge for March 19
Mark O'Harris offered an Irish reflection in honor of ST. Patrick's Day. I had hoped to do that When I serve as Greeter next Monday. On to Plan B. Mark then led the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Smiling Member O'Harris. Though he is supposed to be greeting.
Christy Marquardt reported that the monthly raffle stands at $100, with the drawing to be held in 2 weeks.
RYE student Michel reported that he attended a party at the Nate Olson house. He will be running the 4 X 80 in his first track meet this afternoon.

"The YMCA gave me a free membership while I am here. I appreciated the membership because I was able to meet many new people, work out, and was able to improve my swimming skills while I prepared for high school swimming. Because of their generosity, I want to give back to the YMCA.

"I am trying to raise money for the 'YMCA Full Circle Program,' by running the Green Bay half marathon. My goal is to raise $300 and I would really appreciate if you would sponsor me, please click on the link below to donate. To date he has raised $150, or half his goal."
Thank you in advance
Deb Wirtz was called upon to entertain guests. Before doing show, she felt the need to inform us that this is the Day before Spring, though it does not feel like it. Also Act Happy Day, Certified Nurse Day, Quiet day, and National Chocolate Caramel Day.
Southwest Rotarians Bill Thimke and Kim Johnson-Thiele graced us with their presence.  Fr, Mike Bober of Emmaus Ecumenical Catholic Community, and Jim Power joined Speaker Jennifer Considine of ESTHER.
Rev. Mike Bober, former Club Member
Jim Power moved to Oshkosh recently from Iowa to a teaching position at UWO. He was a Rotarian Iowa. Beside coming to provide moral support for the program, He wanted to check out our Club. more about that later.
Jim Power
Jim Power had completed an online application even before the meeting. The Board accepted the application at its March 20 meeting. This is the first official posting of his name as potential member. One more next week.
Gordon Hintz introduced Scott Ceman, judicial candidate for Circuit Court Branch 1 for the April 2 election
Scott Ceman, Gordon Hintz, and Mark Harris
Cathy Zimmerman introduced Zara Mousavi. Zara will graduate from UWO in May with a Masters Degree in Education. She plans to return to Aphghanistan planning to get a job in the Ministry of Education to be able to affect policy to educate girls.


Final guest was Amber Kilawee, Executive Director of the United Way of Fond du Lac, introduced by Sue Panek

Amber and Sue
News You Can Use & announcements
District Conference -- Are you looking for a weekend getaway with kids or grandkids?  How about a waterpark in Wisconsin Dells?  May 4-6 TriCon 2018 is coming to The Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells.  This is a Rotary District Conference for Rotarians in District 6220, District 6250 and District 6270.  All Rotarians from Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and eastern Minnesota, with their significant others and families, and other Rotarians and friends of Rotary are welcome. TriCon 2018 Wisconsin is a collaborative project of the three Rotary Districts mentioned. 
Goals are to:
o   Celebrate Rotary
o   Be family friendly
o   Present OUTSTANDING speakers and programs.
You are welcome to attend whether you have been a Rotarian for one year or 50 years.  Especially for newer members, it’s a great way to learn more about Rotary and expand your scope outside of our Rotary club.
Breakfast with the Bunny -- Volunteers are still needed the morning of March 24th for Breakfast with the Bunny. Contact Nikole Vergin if you can assist. Nicole sent an email with another request out March 21. Try to find a couple hours to help out.
Flower Sale -- Lori Renning (in absentia) reminded the Club of the upcoming annual Flower Sale Fundraiser. Sales efforts will begin soon, with delivery the Friday before Mothers' Day.
Board Meeting -- Next Board Meeting is March 20, 8 am, Lake Poygan Room.
Traveling Meeting -- The April 9th meeting will be held at the Menomonee Nation Arena on South Main Street.
Al Ott announced that our Congressman Glenn Grothman is hosting a District Jobs Fair on Friday, March 23 at 123 E Wisconsin Avenue  in Neenah from 11 AM until 4 PM. Visit for more information
Al Ott
Sue Panek shared information about the Winnebago County Drug & Alcohol Community Conversation Tour. There are 7 more sessions with different themes at locations throughout the city from March 29 through April 30. I do not have room to provide all the information. Go to,, or 920-232-3025

Happy $$$
Michael Cooney is happy because City Manager Mark Rohloff  and his "excellent" staff worked out an equitable solution regarding fees for the summer Farmers Market. He is also happy that he will be leaving soon for a 2-week vacation (from Retirement) on Kauai.
Mark Rohloff expressed joy for the opportunity to present his annual "State if the City" speech tonight.
Tom Willadsen stated that his congregation raised  money yesterday for Vicki Schroeder's Take 5 Project . They raised $83 plus 20 pounds of coins. Tom expressed disappointment that Vicki is not in attendance today.
Tom W performing his weekly task of serving deserts. This was taken at a time other than his happy dollar presentation.
John Schatz announced he became a great Grandpa this at 3 AM today. It's a BOY
Karlene Grabner stated she is happy for the Honor Education program prior to State of the City this afternoon.
Cathy Zimmerman was elated (there are so many today that I am having trouble finding verbs to describe the happiness) to have experienced a trip to Egypt.
Carriage, horse, Cathy and Pyramid
Bob Campbell mentioned that his father, Dick, is at St. Luke's Hospital in Milwaukee to have work done on both legs. According to Bob, "He will be running marathons soon.
Gordon Hintz is overjoyed by the state basketball champion Oshkosh North Spartans. And by Division III runnerup UWO Titans. Great weekend for Oshkosh basketball.
Judge John Jorgenson is happy he does not have to run against Scott Ceman.
Finally, I forgot an announcement John Fuller made during the reflection. Member Mark Beecher recently suffered a heart attack. Described as "mild. Your crack news team will try to get more information
David Hayford introduced Jennifer Considine to inform us of a new program started here in Oshkosh by ESTHER. It is an interfaith social justice organization. The Program is entitle "How will I get to school: Public Transportation and Oshkosh 6-12 students."
Jack Klein working to set up Jen's Power Point
Not surprising that student performance is adversely affected if they cannot get to school because of inclement weather, inability to afford bus fare, etc. There are some solutions to obtain bus passes. But not enough.
Top row shows current process to get a bus pass. Bottom shows ideal that ESTHER is working towards.
Currently the School District and Go Transit each provide about $20,000 anually to provide bus passes. Boys/Girls Club about $4,000 and Oshkosh Public Library.
The program included studies and statistics. I can provide you the Power Point if you wish. Just send an email request.
How can we help? (1) Contact School Board and CIty Council members
(2) Donate to Tokens for Teens
(3) Join he ESTHER group and make Oshkosh a better place
FInally, get the word out about the program
Wellness in a Heartbeat

Fellow Club member John Fuller has offered to share some health news/information with us from time to time. This week he shares:

Rotary Wellness in a Heartbeat:  Swap Foods to Get a Healthy Heart and Waistline
What you eat and drink can help save your ticker.
Research shows your diet and weight, and other lifestyle habits, can prevent up to 80% of heart attacks and strokes.
You don't have to overhaul your kitchen to eat meals that are good for your heart and waistline. It can be as simple as trading one food for another.
Vegetable Oil Instead of Butter
When it comes to your heart, butter doesn't make everything better. It's a big source of saturated fat, which raises your level of artery-clogging LDL cholesterol.
Cook with a vegetable oil instead, like olive, canola, corn, or safflower. They have healthier unsaturated fat. If you replace 5% of your daily calories from saturated fat with the unsaturated kind, you’ll cut your chance of heart disease by up to 25%.
Whole Grains Instead of Refined Carbs
Whole grains are loaded with fiber, which helps to lower your LDL, or "bad," cholesterol. One study says every 1-ounce serving you eat can reduce your chances of dying from heart disease by 9%. Plus, it takes your body longer to digest fiber, so you stay full longer. This may help you eat fewer calories and stay at the weight you should be.
The American Heart Association recommends getting at least three servings of whole grains a day. To hit that mark, try these substitutions:
  • Buy 100% whole wheat bread and tortillas in place of white.
  • Have oatmeal instead of cream of wheat or corn flakes.
  • Eat brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, or whole-grain barley rather than white rice.
  • Replace at least half of the all-purpose flour in a recipe with the whole-wheat kind.
Poultry, Fish, or Beans Instead of Beef
At lunch, instead of a burger, go for chicken, turkey, or fish instead. Or try a dish made with beans.
Baked or Broiled Instead of Fried
Deciding how to make your fish for dinner? Do your heart a favor. Broil or bake it instead of frying it.
When you fry food, the breading soaks up extra grease. That means you eat more fat, which often is the unhealthy saturated kind. This can add up: One study shows that people who eat fried foods one to three times a week are 24% more likely to have heart failure than those who have less than one serving a week.
Spices Instead of Salt
Before you reach for that saltshaker, head to the spice rack. Spices can add flavor and disease-fighting antioxidants without the extra sodium. Too much salt can raise your blood pressure. How much should you eat? Recommendations vary from 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams a day.
Nuts Instead of Chips
Dragging in the afternoon? At the vending machine, get mixed nuts rather than chips or pretzels. You'll get a dose of fiber and heart-healthy unsaturated fat with your snack.
One study contends that munching on a serving of nuts each week cuts your risk of dying from heart disease by 8%. But remember, you can also add calories this way, so read the nutrition labels carefully to know how many are in each serving.
Fruit Instead of Sugar
Watch out for sugar that's added to foods, like the sweetener baked into a cookie or the sugar you stir into your coffee. It tacks on calories without nutrients. This can lead to weight gain and obesity, which wears on your heart.
To scale back the sweet stuff, go for fruit instead. You can also use a sugar substitute to cut back on calories.
Also consider these trades:
  • Top your cereal with fruit rather than sugar.
  • Stir fresh berries into your yogurt instead of buying the flavored or fruit-on-the-bottom kind.
  • In place of ice cream, puree a banana in a food processor and freeze it for a creamy frozen treat.
Avocado Instead of Mayonnaise
The green fruit adds creaminess to that turkey-and-cheese sandwich without all of the saturated fat of mayo. Avocados have healthy unsaturated fat and nutrients that can boost heart health.
Flavored Water Instead of Soda
It's no secret that sugar-sweetened drinks, like soda, can lead to weight gain. They can also take a toll on your ticker. Just one can a day raises your risk of heart disease by 20%, a study published in the journal Circulation shows.  
Be careful about diet soda, too. Studies show people who drink it tend to make up for the missing calories by snacking on extra food.
If you're thirsty, pour a glass of water or unsweetened tea. Need a little flavor kick? Add a splash of 100% fruit juice to some sparkling water.
Avoid Trans Fats
This type of fat makes products stay fresh on the store shelf. It's the worst kind for your heart. It lowers your HDL, or "good," cholesterol, while raising the LDL, or "bad" kind. The FDA has asked food companies to remove trans fats from their products. But they may still show up in items on your grocery list. So make sure you read the nutrition labels carefully.