Posted by Mary Jones on Nov 30, 2017
The Reach Counseling Center was scheduled to present at Monday's meeting but was absent.
In that timeframe instead, Melissa Kohn introduced Mary Downs and Jlie Coenen from the Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) Foundation, Inc. Mary Downs thanked the Club for its continuing to sponsor scholarships for various FVTC programs, including the two CNA scholarships every year.  She noted that there are 2,000 CNA jobs available each year, with FVTC turning out 800 CNA graduates on average each year. She noted that the CNA program is not eligible for Pell Grants and other financial aid opportunities, making the scholarships very valuable.  
She provided a bit of information about this year's various scholarship winners:
April Kanary
27 years old, married, mother of two
Health Information Technology student
Works full-time and attends school full-time
Post Acceptance: Thank you so much for this scholarship. It means the world to my family and myself.  It will help so much with next semester’s costs and allow me to continue my health information technology degree. I plan to use my degree to become a Cancer Registrar for one of our local hospitals. This scholarship will help free up a little money for us since I found out I have to have major surgery the Friday before Christmas. So, I can’t thank you enough!
Jamie Sawicki
37, mother of one
Office Assistant program
I am currently funding my education by grants or by my own funds. I would like to work within a larger company, assisting executive level employees. I currently work as contract staff within Oshkosh Corporation and would love to continue my employment with them as an internal employee. Oshkosh Corporation prefers to hire those with degrees. Getting my degree would be a huge asset to my future whether or not I work for Oshkosh Corporation.
When I had more time I was a volunteer at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. I would like to continue to do that once my schedule lightens some. I was heavily active in Oshkosh North High School’s Music Department. I was in the musical 3 years and in Madrigals 1 year.
Post-acceptance: I’d like to thank the Oshkosh Rotary Club for their kind scholarship towards my future. I cannot express how much I appreciate the assistance. Paying for my education is a huge stress and the support received means the world to myself and my family. It also shows to my daughter, who is looking to attend college next fall, that anything is open if you are willing to put the effort.
This scholarships makes sure that costs of my education will not have to come out of an already tight budget. I can ensure my daughter will have what she needs as well as pursue my future.
I plan to graduate with my technical certificate this spring and continue going to school for my Administrative Professional degree at Fox Valley Technical College. I look forward to pursing more advantageous employment opportunities once I have completed my technical certificate.
Thank you again for awarding me with this scholarship. It is truly appreciated and I hope to make you proud.
Abe Klein
I am solely funding my education. I am doing so by working both as a student intern for the Tech as well as working an eight-hour shift every Sunday at the Oshkosh South Pick ’n Save.
I personally love woodworking; my uncle was a carpenter, and I’ve always been a hands on guy. I graduated from the Residential Construction Program at the beginning of August; while being in that program we had a lot of collaboration with the Wood Manufacturing program and I really enjoyed the Instructors and the quality of work that was being done. I think it is humbling to be able to take a few chunks of wood and be able to work it and mold it into amazing things.
My goal is to get hired by a great company, have a great career, and eventually open a personal shop. FVTC is preparing me for all levels of the industry from the simplest of tools to magnificent machines that not all companies can afford, and they are teaching me all sides of the spectrum.
Post Acceptance:
I have been an Oshkosh resident my entire life; I love my city and all of its history, especially when were talking about the wood industry. This place has made me into the person I am today and I wouldn’t trade it. I would like to thank the Oshkosh Rotary Club for deeming me worthy to receive this scholarship. I look forward to the day as to when I am able to give back to the community and people that have given so much to me and to those after me.
This scholarship will help me continue my education in Fox Valley Tech’s Wood Manufacturing program completely debt free. I have strived very hard to be able to pay for my education without student loans and thanks to this scholarship I am able to continue to do that.
Upon graduation from Fox Valley Tech it is my goal to secure a great job with a local business in the Fox Valley making beautiful wooden creations; if that be fine furniture and cabinetry or moldings. Eventually I would love to open my own woodworking shop right here in Oshkosh and be able to share the skills I’ve learned with the people of this great city.