Posted by Mary Jones on Dec 19, 2017
Michael Cooney greeted members and guests and led the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Michael (right) greets Glenn Steinbrecher
Michael then shared some tips for good photography... 
Holiday Photography
A Mini Class
Work Hard – Fail Often – Show only Your Best.
Great photos don’t just happen, they take work, experimentation and effort.
Change your perspective, move about and try different angles. Go high, go low, and always get good eye contact from your subject.
Most of the photos you take will not be very good, so keep on shooting; a “good photo:” may take as many as 10 or more tries and a “great photo” could take as many as 30 or more shots. So keep on shooting until you get what you are looking for.
I don’t care how much you may love your photos, your family, neighbors and Facebook friends have a very limited attention span and interest.  Thus show no more than seven photos,  then most people will actually look at them, and may think you are a great photographer or at least be relieved you didn’t show them all the photos you took on your trip.
Sergeant-at-Arms Deb Wirtz shared that Monday was "answer the phone like Buddy the Elf" Day, National Flake (snow) Appreciation Day, and National Pig Roast Day.  She then introduced the day's guests:  Kim Johnson (Southwest Rotary);  Six members of the Coe Administration Team (guests of Dave Sennholz); Marian Holicky (wife and guest of Bill Holicky); Sandra Yakes (wife and guest of Gary Yakes); Marilyn Campbell (wife and guest of Dick Campbell); and Bill VanAacken (husband and guest of Teresa VanAacken).  
Dave Sennholz introduced his guests.
President John Fuller, wearing one of his Christmas hats, also offered a special welcome to David Hayford, who was attending his first meeting since his heart surgery on Nov. 13.
David Hayford said he's feeling much better, tho' he still tires easily.
Christy Marquardt conducted the month's raffle and Gary Yakes was the lucky winner ... and later, quietly again donated his winnings to the Take Five Club.
RYE student Michel announced that he would be moving to a new host family in early January. He'll be joining John Jorgensen and his family ... and Michel's sure it will be awesome!