Posted by Mary Jones on Dec 15, 2017
OCM Cards -- Nikole Vergin still has OCM cards for members to pick up/sell. $10 each.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing -- Our Club's Salvation Army bell-ringing duty was Tuesday, December 12, 2017, with lots of participation from Club members.  Here are some highlight photos:
(L-R) Mark Beecher, Santa Claus (David Sennholz), RYE Student Michel, Sheriff John Matz, and his dog, Chumley.
Shift change at bell ringing at Shopko -- Front, Chumley and owner Sheriff John Matz; Back (l-r) - Mary Jones, Deb Wirtz, Ada Thimke, Tom Blaze, Mark Beecher, and RYE student Michel.
Election of Officers -- President John invited Lori Renning forward to introduce the slate of officers and directors selected by the nominating committee for 2018-2019 Club year. They are:  President - Christy Marquardt; Past President - John Fuller; President-elect - Michael Rust; Sergeant-at-Arms - Deb Wirtz; Treasurer - Jim Stahl; Secretary - David Sennholz.  Current Board members returning include:  Mark Beecher, Brad Hunter, Jack Klein, Marjorie Griffing, Nikole Vergin, and John Vette. New Board members joining include: Tom Blaze, Jolene Heuchert, and Ada Thimke.  Sue Panek made a motion to approve the nominations, and David Sennholz seconded the motion. Club members voted in favor of the slate of officers and directors, who will be inducted into office next summer.
District News -- President Fuller asked Cathy Zimmerman to provide the group with District 6260 news.  She was happy to report that current Assistant District Governor Craig Burnett has been named as a District Governor-elect to serve during the 2020-2021 term. His position as Assistant District Governor will be filled by Karen Schibline, who will service in that position for 3 years overseeing five clubs in the Oshkosh and Fond du Lac area.  Cathy noted that 
Craig will be the 9th District Governor from Oshkosh.  
Previous District Governors from the Oshkosh Rotary Club have included:  Jasper Lockhart 33-34; George Nevitt 52-53; Fred Caudle 65-66; Charles Nolan 72-73; John Wiley 94-95; John Kerrigan 99-2000; and Catherine Zimmerman 2003-04. Rounding out "the nine", are two from Southwest: William Wresch 09-10, and Craig Burnett 20-21.  (Thanks to Cathy Zimmerman and Craig Burnett for this information.)
Craig Burnett (left) and Karen Schibline will represent Oshkosh Clubs in District leadership roles.
Board of Directors Meeting -- President John reminded board members that there will be a Board meeting on Tuesday morning, December 19, at 8 a.m.
David Hayford's recovery -- Glenn Steinbrecher gave a brief update ... but see this week's Wellness in a Heartbeat article for a full report from the patient himself!