Posted by Mary Jones on Dec 19, 2017
Kathy Propp -- was happy to share that the annual presentation from various city officials will take place on Thursday, January 4, at 5:30 p.m at the Oshkosh Convention Center.  Among others, Club members Mark Rohloff (City Manager), Mark Harris (County Exec), Stan Mack (Oshkosh Area School District) and Melissa Kohn (Fox Valley Technical College) will present.
Marj Griffing -- was happy to share that Oshkosh Corp. has been named one of the Top 100 places to work in the United States.
John Vette -- was happy that David Hayford shared his experiences leading up to and after his recent heart surgery.
Tom Willadsen -- was happy to "have another brush with greatness," noting that Club member Mark Harris, whom Tom was sitting next to, was quoted in the New York Times recently ... and he's the third person Tom has known who was quoted in the Times.
Tom Willadsen wearing his Northwestern colors.
Cathy Cluff -- was happy to welcome her fourth grandchild at 2:03 a.m. on Saturday -- a boy named Sullivan.
Teresa VanAacken -- was happy to share that her son Evan continues to heal well and noted that at a recent doctor's visit they learned that all his blood work continues to look good.  Gymnastic competition season is now in full swing again, and Evan recently competed in Chicago and medaled in all 6 events he entered.
John Fuller -- said that he was happy to see David back attending meeting, and happy to be a member of a great Club and a great community.