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Jul 24, 2017
EAA Week
Jul 26, 2017
EAA Nature Center
Jul 31, 2017
The Hub . . . . Greeter: . . Ada Thimke
Aug 07, 2017
Greeter: Teresa VanAacken
Aug 14, 2017
Building of the Erie Canal . . . Greeter: . Nicole Vergin
Aug 21, 2017
Oshkosh Arena & Milwaukee Bucks D-League Team - - - Greeter: John Vette
Aug 28, 2017
Greeter: Thomas Willadsen
Sep 04, 2017
Sep 11, 2017
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Meeting Information for EAA week
Our meeting schedule for EAA week is as follows:
--Monday July 24th, there will be a Roundtable at the Best Western Hotel, held in the Ground Round restaurant.  A Roundtable is an informal gathering of members. No business meeting is conducted.
--Wednesday, July 26th, we will meet at the Nature Center Pavilion on the EAA Grounds.  This is a joint meeting with the other local Clubs and all Rotarians attending the EAA Fly-In.  When arriving, tell traffic monitors that you are attending the Rotary Luncheon in the Nature Center, and you will be directed to that location. There is parking (free) adjacent to the Nature Center Pavilion.
Prayer and Pledge for Monday, July 17, 2017
Jim Stahl greeted members and guests and led the Club in a reflection and the Pledge of Allegiance.
Jim greets Lurton Blassingame.
Michael Rust introduced the day's guests:   Craig Burnett (Assistant District Governor); Jeanne Smith (NEW e-Club president); Lisa Nething (speaker); Tony Lang, UW-O Men of Color Director, and Jason Thornton, UW-O student (guests of Darryl Sims); William Van Aacken (guest of Theresa Van Aacken); Brogan and Addison Renning (guests of Lori Renning).
Tony Lang described his newly created position at UW-O as being responsible for assisting young men of color in completing their college degrees by providing support and resources.  Tony was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to Cape Town, South Africa during his college years. He introduced Jason Thornton, who has a goal to become a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and thanked the Club for their support.
Tony Lang
Jason Thornton
Kathy Propp and LWV guests
News You Need To Know; Announcements for July 17, 2017
EAA 2017 --  There will be a Roundtable gathering on Monday, July 24, but no meeting. Instead, our Club will join the other Oshkosh Rotary Clubs to host the annual International Rotary Luncheon at EAA Oshkosh on Wednesday, July 26.  The Roundtable, an informal gathering of members (with no business meeting) will be held in the Ground Round restaurant.
NEW e-Club President Jeanne Smith stressed the need for volunteers for Rib Fest. 
Waterfest -- Our Club's volunteer night is Thursday, August 10th. The BoDeans are the main band.  Be prepared to volunteer and help out, and have a lot of fun.
Philippine Fund -- Thus far, nearly $1,300 has been collected toward the $2,000 goal to assist the Iligan City Rotary Club in its efforts to support Philippine refugees fleeing the ISIS uprisings there. Please direct your donation to David Sennholz.
Rib Fest -- Labor Day weekend. Volunteers are needed badly throughout the weekend. Vic Ferrari will be the featured band on Friday night. The Original Blues Brothers Band will entertain on Saturday ... and Road Trip and Hairball will perform on Sunday evening.  There will also be a midway with children's rides and a couple of rides appropriate for adults.  Saturday is Family Day. Sunday will begin with the Rotary Rib Run -- in 1/4, 1/2 and mile lengths. Monday will host a local rib cook off.  If you think your ribs are the best, sign up to participate.
First Market in the Park/Rotary Social -- This Wednesday, July 19, will be the first Market in the Park night, running through September 27,  from 3 -7 p.m..  On July 19, there will be a three-Club Rotary Social held in Shelter #2 from 5 - 7 p.m.  Food and drink will be available for purchase from market vendors; if you'd like an adult beverage, it's BYOB.  The Mecan River Ramblers will entertain. 
Chili Cook Off -- Will be held again on Saturday, October 14, supporting the Day-by-Day Warming Shelter. Our Club will have a team participating.  Encourage your other clubs, businesses, or friends to participate.
Happy $$ for July 17, 2017
President John Fuller announced Happy Dollars during his presidential year will go to Project Search, which assists children with cognitive disorders, and Project Hope, which helps children with behavioral issues.  Both are projects within the Oshkosh Area School District.
Tom Willadsen -- was happy that on a Monday morning he was able to use his credit card twice and it was approved both times.  He also happily brought cookies around, in service to members.
Tom serving cookings.
Michael Rust -- was happy to have celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife, Angela, who is a member of the NEW e-Club.
John Fuller -- was happy to have traveled to visit their new granddaughter and attend her baptism.
Gail Schwab -- was happy to share that this is the 50th year that Dennis Schwab Realty has served the Oshkosh area.  Gail also shared that she feels Oshkosh is blessed to have The Waters as an eating spot.  She said the food is delicious and the views from the porch are wonderful. She said The Waters has now started it's "Sunday Extravaganza" dinners on Sunday evening, which offers a four-course meal (from different area restaurants) for $20-25 ... a real bargain!
Gail Schwab
Ken Arneson -- was happy to share that Evergreen is not responsible for the current closure of Oshkosh Avenue -- even though several people have called Evergreen complaining that it was.  He also shared that more cranes will be onsite again soon, breaking ground for a new addition of 62 apartments, 61 of which are already rented.
Michael Cooney -- reminded members that the first Market in the Park is this Wednesday.  There will also be a Three-Club Rotary Social.  BYOB, if you'd like an alcoholic beverage.  Social runs from 5-7 p.m.
Sue Panek -- was happy to be able to drive the United Way Sweepstakes Car in the Oshkosh Truck 100th parade, giving it great visibility.  She thanked Oshkosh Corp. for a great parade/celebration, to the point of Oshkosh Corp. workers cleaning private owner's yards after the parade.
Sue Panek
David Hayford -- enjoyed a great Diana Ross concert last week in Appleton.
Michael Audit -- thanked the members for their willingness to assist with Shared Harvest duties.
Mary Jones -- apologized for mis-identifying new President John Fuller as John Hunter in the Spokes a couple of weeks ago. 
Mark Rohloff -- had a great time at the Senior Center's Friday Night Food Truck gathering last Friday at South Park.  He reminded members that there will be another Food Truck Friday in August and encouraged members to attend ... but go early.
Mark Rohloff
Program for July 17, 2017
Lori Renning introduced Lisa Nething, Family and Special Events Director for the YMCA.
Lisa Nething
Lisa described Safety City, a program held every summer by the YMCA.  It was the recipient of Happy Dollars from Lori Renning's presidential year, with a total of $1,000 donated to the program, which allowed 12 students to participate in Safety City this year. 
The YMCA worked with three local organizations to identify needy children who would benefit from participating this year
Lisa described Safety City as a classroom learning/participatory experience that helps children learn how to navigate a city on foot, on bicycle, or while driving.  A variety of subjects are covered, including:  water safety, "safe touch," "yell and tell" program, safety around railroads (presented by the Oshkosh Police Department); poison avoidance training (presented by the Oshkosh Fire Department), pet safety, and more.
Two different sessions of Safety City are held -- for 4-6 year olds and also 7-9 year olds. 
A total of 120 youth participated in Safety City this summer.  It costs $36 for YMCA member youth to attend. 

Some dollars remain unused from the donation, and those funds will be held for next year, when they will again be used to pay the fee for deserving children.  
Each participant received a bicycle helmet and t-shirt to take home.
President John Fuller asked Carol Williams to lead the Club in the Four-Way Test to close the meeting.
Wellness in a Heartbeat

Fellow Club member John Fuller has offered to share some health news/information with us from time to time. This week he shares:

Rotary Wellness in a Heartbeat: Epilepsy, Schizophrenia Could Begin in the Womb
Researchers say a protein usually associated with the immune system could play a role in the development of neurological conditions such as epilepsy and schizophrenia.
University of Queensland lecturer and medical alumnus Dr. Liam Coulthard led the study into how brain development is affected by altering the activity of the complement system – which controls innate or natural immunity – during pregnancy.
“Our research in mouse models has shown neural defects can result when this system is functioning inappropriately in utero,” Dr. Coulthard said.
“We blocked a key complement component, called C5a, for three days during pregnancy, and this resulted in behavioral abnormalities in the offspring. Our research demonstrates this complement factor is essential for the proper development of the brain and has a broader role in addition to its function in the immune system.”
The research was part of Dr. Coulthard’s thesis for his Ph.D., supervised by Associate Professor Trent Woodruff, who heads the Neuroinflammation Laboratory at the UQ School of Biomedical Sciences.
Dr. Woodruff’s lab works on potent inflammatory molecules in the immune system, including C5a.
The study showed the protein occurs in significant amounts in brain regions during development in utero, prior to the immune system being developed.
This complement system was also activated in a human model of brain development using induced pluripotent stem cells, in work done in collaboration with Professor Ernst Wolvetang from UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.
C5a has been linked to inflammation pathways in neurodegenerative conditions such as motor neuron disease, and the lab is working towards the development of new drugs to block disease progression.
“Our findings confirm that drugs inhibiting this system could pose a risk in pregnancy and could prompt recommendations they not be given to women of child-bearing age,” Dr. Coulthard said.
“Any development of drugs for this target to treat pregnancy-related inflammatory diseases such as preeclampsia should be approached with caution.”
Dr. Coulthard is a Resident Medical Officer at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.
The research is published in the Journal of Neuroscience.