Posted by David Hayford on Aug 17, 2017
Building the Erie Canal
Bob Campbell introduces our speaker, his Dad
Work began on the Erie Canal 200 years ago, in 1817. The idea was first proposed in the 1870's. It opened on October 26, 1825.
In 1809, President Thomas Jefferson refused federal funding for the project. He commented that an artificial waterway across the state was "little short of madness to think of . . at this day."
Gouverner Morris was an early proponent of the canal. And included formation of the "Western and Northern Inland Lock Navigation Companies" in 1792, which started work by building a canal between the Mohawk River and Lake Ontario. But they soon discovered that private financing would be insufficient to complete the project.
New York Governor De WItt Clinton risked his political career on the Erie Canal. The State provided the financing. The Legislature approved $7 for construction.
The original canal was 363 miles long, from Albany on the Hudson River to Buffalo on Lake Erie. The channel was cut 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep. The dirt was placed on the downhill side to form a walkway, known as a towpath.
The difference in elevation was about 550 feet. Eight-three locks were required to raise or lower boats.
Speaker Dick Campbell
The two engineers were lawyers. "What a mistake!" interjected Gary Yakes.
Aqueducts were constructed to carry the canal over rivers along the way.
As mentioned, the Canal was opened in 1825, among much pomp and circumstance. With Gov. Clinton enjoying the success. 
I must apologize. Dick provided me many of the pictures and diagrams from his presentation. I was unable to convert them to a format compatible with this Rotary program. He did film it for public TV, and provided me a copy for this newsletter. 
Thanks so much to Dick for another outstanding program.
The rise of the railroad reduced the need for the Erie Canal.
Questions arose about the status of the Canal today, I did a little research, :Since the 1990's, the canal system has been used primarily by recreational traffic." (form Wikipedia, the 21st Century Encyclopedia Britannica)
Per President John's request, a distinguished Rotarian led the club in the 4-Way Test
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Posted by David Hayford on Aug 17, 2017
Dave Sennholz presented a check for $58 in honor of his 58th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations to Dave and wife Bev.
Gail Schwab mentioned the excellent prospectus for the new Oshkosh Arena.
Cathy Zimmerman mentioned that she is having knee replacement surgery, so will be unable to attend meetings for the next six weeks. Her Chili team hope she will be in fine fettle for the Cook-Off on October 14th.
Wisconsin's Best Rib-Fest -- Karen Schibline noted that the Planning Committee meets today and every Monday this month at Mahoney's at 4 PM. Plans are going well. Please sign up to volunteer as much as you can over Labor Day weekend. We need the support of members of all three Clubs. The Committee is still looking for local cook-off teams.  Encourage any "ribbers" you know to compete. General admission tickets are available for $5 each. Ticket prices will rise to $10 after 4 PM each day. But the general admission tickets will get you in anytime. 20 packs of tickets are available to members.
Philippine Fund -- David Sennholz mentioned that funds had come in during the last week. We are near the $2,500 (though I missed the exact number).  David noted, "Old men wage wars; young men fight wars, and children suffer."
David Sennholz
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Posted by David Hayford on Aug 17, 2017
Nikole Vergin greeted members and guests and led the club in a reflection and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Brad Hunter reprised his role as introducer of guests. Shockingly, there were no guests from Southwest Rotary. Guests included Jack Stubbs (guest of Lurton Blasingame), Sam Hart (guest and daughter of Karen Schibline), Eben Johnson (Christy Marquardt) Erin Berdal (niece of Sue Panek), and Rick Schultz (husband of Sue Panek).
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Posted by John Schatz
John Vette will greet members and guests, give the reflection and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greg Pierce and Steve Brandes will present a program about the Oshkosh Arena and Milwaukee Bucks D-League Team.
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The Rotary Clubs of Oshkosh present the 2nd Annual "Wisconsin's Best Rib Fest" this Labor Day weekend featuring the  best BBQ brought to you by the National Barbecue Cookers Association.  Located in Menominee Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this four-day family friendly event is a fundraiser to support local scholarships and projects funded by the three Rotary Clubs of Oshkosh.  Help Rotary kick off the campaign to revitalize Little Oshkosh, a community-built playground enjoyed by children and adults all throughout our community.
The dates are Friday thru Monday, September 1 - 4.
Check out the website:   for details on the live music, family fun and more.
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